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Start your day with a smile! Our Visual Learning Scheduler is designed to take the chaos out of your mornings.

Introducing the Visual Routine Planner

Daily Visual Routine Planner for Amazing Kids

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Hey parents! Welcome to a world where routines are fun and learning is inclusive! This Visual Scheduler & Routine Planner is a blessing, especially for kids with autism or special needs. Its visual-centric approach simplifies daily tasks, easing anxiety and enhancing understanding.

Easily understood, even by children who can’t yet read or who are nonverbal.

Key Highlights:

✅ Inclusive and Engaging: This planner speaks the language of visuals, perfect for children who thrive on visual learning, including those with autism. It breaks down daily tasks into easy-to-understand, engaging visuals, making routines less overwhelming and more fun!

✅ Real-Life Solutions: Struggle with morning chaos or bedtime battles? Not knowing “what’s next” is often a source of anxiety for kids. Even if their routine is consistent they may still worry about this. With a visual schedule, they can easily look to see what to expect next.

✅ Skill Development: Beyond just scheduling, it’s about empowering our kids to learn time management, develop organizational skills, and boost their self-esteem. They’ll love ticking off tasks, and you’ll love seeing their confidence soar!

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Daily Visual Routine Planner for Kids

This planner is ideal for preschool to early elementary-aged children, offering age-appropriate visuals and tasks.

Its visual format is particularly helpful for children with autism or other special needs, aiding in understanding and routine adherence.

Absolutely, it helps in developing time management, routine following, and independence, crucial for early childhood development.”

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Benefits of Using the Planner

Why use a visual planner? Simple! It helps children understand and manage their time better, and it’s perfect for those who are not yet reading fluently. It reduces stress, builds independence, and hey, it’s a great way for kids to learn the concept of time management early on


Hear from families who’ve made our Visual Learning Scheduler a part of their lives. From improved morning routines to enhanced learning experiences, these testimonials highlight the real-world impact of our product on families just like yours.

I bought this for 2.5 year old not as a chore chart but as a word chart for now. It’s easy to assemble and he can use it without any problems. I hung it on my fridge for easy access. It’s a different spin on learning words from books.

Happy Wife

I’m so happy to be using this kids visual hands on daily scheduler. You have so many options to pick from for each day. I like how you can use it 3 different ways. We’re currently using it as a table top. My kids enjoy helping plan the day.


I love that I can use this tool however fits my family best. Whether it acts like a check list or a to do list, it's clear to our young toddlers what's going on and they are tracking and ready when the next step of the day is underway.


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eady for smoother days and happier kids? Order your Visual Learning Scheduler today! Easy to set up and a joy to use, it’s an investment in your child’s independence and your family’s harmony. Click here to bring home this game-changer!”

For Every Child ❤️

Whether your child is a toddler or a pre-teen, our Visual Learning Scheduler is adaptable to fit their needs. It's a universal tool that caters to different learning styles and paces, making it suitable for every child in your family.

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